Monday, December 7, 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox

We went to see it yesterday afternoon with the kids. Having sat down all four of together on Friday afternoon making lists of what each of us would have to get done in order to earn the treat of watching the film. It made for an unbelievably pleasent weekend. Mom didn't have to hassle too much. We went into it knowing the schedule and we are starting out Monday, semi-prepared for the week. (Except my daughter, poor thing, was sick in the night and managed to throw up in three different beds, so there's laundry.)

We left the theater giddy. All of us a little in love with Foxy. My husband clicking and whistling in the Foxy trademark. And I was definitely in love with Wes Anderson's brain. I had never known Roald Dahl had a book entitled Fantastic Mr. Fox until I started to hear of the movie. I read that Anderson stayed true only to the middle section of the book and that this movie is more upbeat than Dahl's grim story (I tend to like Dahl's grimness, but I like Wes Anderson's playfulness more). And I guess I don't much care how close to the book he stayed. I'm more concerned with what sparked Anderson's interest and where inspiration took the story. Can't wait to see the movie again. And my kids too (which is a rare treat).

Here's a review if you like.

Plan for the week:
1. Put things back in the closets
2. Sort organize and rearrange
3. Blog

As Always (off to buy foam for the bench),