Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bad Attitude

I find that blogging requires me to perform periodic attitude adjustments. I don't know why that is. But I guess novel writing is that way too. I find that I'm a good writer if I sit down in my chair, pick a word out of the pretty box I keep near by, put on a timer and type...until I'm not.  I'm a good writer if I sit and re-read everything I wrote the day before and then write from there... until I can't.

Blogging seems to go through similar phases. Initially it was a writing exercise a day. That's back when all I wanted was to produce writing. And for a while it was the fruits of my practice. Then it was going to be a gratitude blog, where I gave thanks to all my influences. Then it was going to be book reviews, but I found that my reading whims change with my writing process. I decided I was unreliable, so I gave up on that. Finally, I was going to write on Wednesdays. And I guess today is Wednesday and, what do you know, I am blogging. Is that really enough of a philosophy?

I cleaned the yoga studio today; don't know what is for dinner yet, but I do have cabbage in the refrigerator; wrote a synopsis for chapter fifteen that was sort of clarifying; and I will go on a cemetery tour tonight.

As Always (Thanks to Becka, who reads and gives me Facebook feedback.),

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This(writing) and That(blogging)

I've finally finished chapter fourteen. It was much shorter than expected. I have also been incredibly busy in the garden. And now I turn my attentions on chapter fifteen and woodchips.

At this point in the writing process I have a whole bunch of written words that are loosely in order. Most are relatively new. The oldest being the very end, but I have to find my narrator's lens in order to make it work. She's there somewhat already but not entirely. I sometimes lose her way. She loses her way too. She tells a story much like I would. Getting lost in the details and being overly concerned about how much the reader needs to know. Where does she end and I begin? Who is the writer here? It makes me want to take some action and whip Heather into shape (now I am behaving just like her mother).

I must thank JulieAnn for becoming follower number four. JulieAnn and I met way back in 2008 at The Big Sir Writer's Workshop (a lovely, lovely event). She provided my initial blogging education and I am eternally grateful. She is also incredibly hardworking at the writing and the life (she is a great role model).

Becoming a follower seems so generous in nature. I am a little bit struck by that. I am not a good blogger. Too many things pull me in too many directions, not the least of which is insecurity that I will write anything people are interested in. As of late I have been much more sure that my book will be worth reading but my blog.... Thanks you all for tuning in. I suppose I must expect this to ebb and flow just like the book.

As Always (off to clean the yoga studio),

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today on Galleycat there a story that Dave Eggers is going to have the novel version of Where the while Things Are coming out at the same time as the movie. Working on the screenplay inspired him to write long.

I am inspired to write something new. Wouldn't it be liberating to just pick a new project and scrap 14? All that work for the past two years, all these characters that are so constrained by all the words I've already written, throw them out and start something else. Sounds nice.

Oh, this is what I was going to tell you. One of my various groups includes a writing group with teens and adult ladies like myself. We write Natalie Goldberg style, with a timer and a subject, moving our pens constantly until time runs out and then read out loud. It really makes you appreciate brains, your own and the others at the table. And whatever it is behind the brains, I picture a big windy vortex of space where all the stories float fully formed and you have to be sitting just right, holding your pen a certain way, writing just fast enough for them to escape the stormy vacuum. Well, luckily this practice, the fast imperfect stormy writing trains my body to become a conductor, some sort of conduit for the floating stuff back there. I tried out another group like this recently with my friend Diana,a great writing role model. Everything was aligned that night and all these unplanned things came out of my vortex. New characters. Lots of boy ones. If only I could invite them over to play.

As Always(I think perhaps both my characters and I need to misbehave),

p.s. Thanks to Steve Brezenoff at Exile in Goyville for being follower number three! In the short time I've known him he has been my reading role model (perhaps reviewing role model is more accurate).

Friday, June 5, 2009

I got no time this week but I do want to share David Lynch's Interview Project. A new interview every 2 days or so. I don't know where I heard of it from, I'm sure one blog or another. Everything is a blur. But the first one posted June 1st and so far I watched three. The third was Sean Freebourn. I love the gritty real people. Most of the people in my life lack that grittiness. Or perhaps they are fantastically gritty, it is just not particularly novel to me, and therefore I need to branch out in order to recognize it.

At the end of the school year, I begin to panic that I will not have any time to write once summer begins but I should really panic a few weeks prior to that because the events switch up to high gear and I can barely breathe. (Question: What am I doing watching gritty people on the internet, even if David Lynch has something to do with it?)

Thanks to Tracy Edward Wymer for becoming my second follower. Tracy posted "droodles" on his blog yesterday and I like them and the name of such things. I believe heavily in their usefulness, but have no proof. I followed him right back.

Paul Michael Murphy (follower number one) did a thank you on his blog when I became a follower of him, and I liked it so I'm copying.

As Always (still looking for the way through fourteen),