Saturday, August 15, 2009

Watch me try to pitch novel number one.

My title is still in process—the working title borrows too much from John Irving—The World According to Jude. See what I mean? How about Heather and Her Adventures Above Ground? Too much borrowing? They both work more than the original ones I have come up with though. Still working on it.

Heather's mother has dragged her(and her little brother Michael) from her stepfather and her hometown with barely more than the clothes on her back(and a leather bag slung over her shoulder containing The Complete Works of Jane Austen, the largest book she could grab). It was the bravest thing her mother had ever done, but now she worries that her mother has exchanged one devil for another. Jude, the charismatic director of the shelter, sends her and her brother on an adventure to the biggest indoor amusement park in America with twenty dollars in her pocket and a ticket to all the rides she wants, it should be too good to be true. Instead of enjoying herself, she finds herself chasing(literally) a strange boy(and saving him from a familiar policeman). As she gets wound up in the boy's exploits(art project), she discovers he's the teacher she has been looking for. But Heather will need to face the part of herself that she fears the most.

This is a coming of age story told in first person through the eyes of Heather. Her family lives in a homeless shelter in Minneapolis, where it is clear that not everything is as it appears. As she encounters the characters of her new reality, Heather has to face the part of herself that she has been desperately trying to stifle.

Can you help me with this? What do you want more of? Less of? Where am I too vague? Too wordy? I would love to hear your response.

As Always(please help me make it better),