Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

(picture missing)
There we were last night. Cheersing! A lot of cheersing. Do you see Hubby there smiling at you? My hand is there at the forefront. We finished seven bottles of champagne. I love the stuff. And had a delicious Indian dinner. Thank you, Madan! I made a Dahl and an apple galette(not very Indian). By the time the new year arrived we were cashed on the couch but in good moods. I wish for more of that for my next year. Wish all of you could have been here.

Now I make resolutions in the minutia.
1. trust my intuition in revision, don't over think the book (possibly too late), expect that I can do it, work hard
2. blog, enjoy myself, focus on gratitude and generosity
3. write the next one, at a focused yet breakneck pace (my definition of breakneck would be a good 2,000 words a week. not much I agree, but I'm better at quality than quantity. And I really value focus over breakneck.)
4. keep a list of all the books I read(I really was jealous of the list at Murphblog, so perhaps I must just do some more copying of PMM)
5. get better at everything, keep practicing, remember practice makes perfect

As Always (thank you for reading!),