Thursday, January 7, 2010

Third Book of 2010

Just finished The Titan's Curse with my son last night. It is the third book in the Percy Jackson series that begins with The Lightning Thief.  Here is what Rick Riordan does so well as far as I am concerned: his flawed hero relates to every boy. Percy can't make it in school due to his dyslexia and ADHD, not to mention monsters that are always out to get him. When he discovers he is part human (mom's side),  part god (Poseiden's side), he finally understands why school and life is such a hardship. Why doesn't the rest of the world know that the gods are still around? Well, because of the capital m Mist. It covers everything, so we only see what we expect to see.  Riordan has his finger on the pulse of boy fantasy and it goes like this: My dad is a god, god of the sea no less, and he is all powerful and the reason I can't get along with any of you folk is because you're blind in one eye, can't see out the other. What does it matter anyway? I think I'll go ride on my pegasus and save this ancient sea creature, while I'm at. And yeah, I can breathe underwater. It only makes me stronger and it never makes me wet, unless of course I want it to.  What is there not to love? Boy and girl characters fight side by side and there is even a love interest. Cars that fly, giant walking statues and you learn mythology at the same time. The adventures always take you traveling, so a little geography is thrown in as well. High interest and educational, a boy's dream. At least mine.

As Always(we still have one more Percy Jackson book to go),