Thursday, February 11, 2010

Notes to Myself

Here are some bullet points roughly paraphrased from Jesse Lee Kercheval’s book: Building Fiction.
1. Readers like to learn when they are reading!
2. Place can be used effectively as a character and readers like that, say if you were writing about Paris or this lovely end of Minneapolis: see what my family made in the front yard last night! [Photo missing.] See the way they up-ended icicles pilfered from all over the neighborhood? They did this last night after dark and this morning we found the snow burgeoning with ice plants.
3. Readers like familiar things sharply observed, think of doing this with either sharp satirical wit or by making the ordinary extraordinary.
4. Use one detail or event that is memorable and unusual.

This list of course needs to be applied to my WIP, but I could also do well using it for my blog.
As Always (self-help for writers),