Monday, February 1, 2010

Official Post for Post a Photo of Your Work Area Day

As per Anita.

Work space #1
[photo missing]
I make a lot of lunches. This was this morning.

My son took a photo originally of me chopping onions which would have been equally as appropriate, and a little prettier as it was in the evening and I was ready for dinner club to come over. But the photos disappeared from the camera. My husband later copped to the ditching of photos. He apparently doesn't like photos of onions.

Work space #2
[photo missing]
Here it is in all it's glory. In the corner of my living room. On the other side of the railing is the entryway. I sit on that blue ball.  Everybody else uses this computer too. I close it up when I want to keep it a secret. The ball bounces around the house. I have to search high and low to find it when I need to sit. I'm sitting there as I type these words. Weird.

As Always (didn't get much reading done this weekend),