Monday, March 22, 2010

Rube Goldberg Machines and associations

Here is a new video from OK GO. I have to thank my sister Becka for this one. She posted it on her blog.

My favorite OK GO video is the one choreographed on treadmills (look at that here). But I like this one for it's intertextuality, for the apparent single take it was filmed in, and for the collaboration and coordination it seems to illustrate.

Here it is if you want to watch it:

Here are my thoughts as I watched: First, The Electric Company, didn't they have some kind of video where you watched a ball fall down some rails and through several contraptions until it got ground to a fine powder? Look as I may, I couldn't find it. Initially, I thought, nifty and whatever, but as bigger and bigger things were taken out in the chain reaction, I switched to awe. My daughter sat on my lap and watched with me. Just as I was thinking, they are really making a mess, my daughter said those very words. And then the tv screen with my OK Go's best video(totally my opinion) swung by, band members standing in place as if he had been there all along, finally the paint!!! and then the crowd!!!

Why was it all so pleasing to me? First, it was about the sheer effort put into it. Read here if you want to know more. But also it made me think of that advice, if there is a gun above the mantle in scene one, it better go off by the beginning of act two. Or whatever. The echos of the paint first on their faces, then spattering them, wondering about this choreography and then seeing the treadmill, of each band member being perfectly placed, and that Rube Goldberg Machine I remember from childhood all working together as I watched the ball, rolling down and setting the next thing in motion. Makes me think about life and spring and W.I.B.I.J?!  (Game 2 on Wednesday at 1pm Eastern).

As Always (and writing novels),