Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Argument to Write Together (or Watch Me Get Spiritual)

Here are more thoughts on Unplugging Phenomena:

Believe it or not doing yoga in a room that is so full of people that your mat is two inches from the mat of the person next to you is extremely pleasant. You'd think with the sweat, the proximity, the embarrassment when you fall out of crow pose would make this kind of class uncomfortable. But, no, there is something about the dance, when the whole class cartwheels their arms as one, as if we are a room full of windmills! To plant hands on the mat, lowering ourselves to the mat and then starting the flow all over again. Like windmills it is eerie and beautiful and full of energy. I feel sometimes as if I am hovering above myself, there is nothing but postures and movement and tangible energy in the room. And sweat.

Sometimes writing is like that too. Without the sweat. Especially our unplugging practices. The people writing with me are much farther away (some farther than others!), across time zones, and oceans and serious land masses. I've never met these people face to face, and yet when we unplug our minds are at like purposes, almost as if we are praying together, there is power being connected even if it is through circuits and satellite dishes (or the ephemeral brainwave?). Studies do validate prayer and meditation, especially in numbers and I would argue that all good writing is like prayer.

The fact that someone is waiting for you to when you return from the writing, and not just because they need a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, is like icing on the cake (Dena, I honestly wrote this before our chat!). And perhaps it is like magic, the praying, writing, yoga, tennis, the zen of whatever it is that you do, where there is something about our bodies, our minds that can't be seen, joining together. Something powerful and beyond our ken. That makes the words come a little faster, the ideas easier, the writing better.

Believe it or not!