Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Battle Scene

(Photo missing)

Battle! by my son and his friend.
Medium: oil pastel on BUMWAD

Here, my son points out the battle winner to my daughter. Well, he thinks it is the winner, he says.  Jack might actually think his guy won. I told him it really didn't matter to me, that it is the prettiest battle I have ever seen.

I have been having trouble with the revision of chapter eight. I have made a 9 point plot chart(thanks to QueryTracker). My revision mostly involves cutting and pasting stuff already written into a different order. And ditching a lot of words. Good riddance. I am at point 4, exposition. But I am stuck.

I don’t believe that you wait until inspiration strikes to get to work, but there is a certain feeling that happens when the story is no longer in your head and has settled into your bones. I don't feel it yet. In the meantime, what if the story could be revealed in oil pastels on bumwad?

Do you ever draw your wip? What gets you unstuck?

And WIBIJ starts in 20 minutes and lasts till tomorrow. The theme and the blogs are real beauties! Come and play all day!!