Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fever 1793 + NEW TRAILER + Convention Reminder

Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson

I loved this book. Not only did Matilda, the thirteen year old narrator grab my interest right away, but everything I learned in the book was riveting. The story was about the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia, the then capital of the thirteen united states of America. This book is a perfect example about how learning while you read is thrilling. We learned about the dueling philosophies of the French physicians (the french were quite the hipsters in 1793 as they had supported America during the Revolution) and the prevailing physician of the day, Dr. Rush. Despite being quite forward thinking in social respects, Dr. Rush probably killed more patients than he saved with his blood letting and mercury doses. The French physicians treated the yellow fever patients with plenty of fresh air, rest and fluids, which, according to the Anderson's afterward, is how yellow fever is still treated today. This was a supremely crafted book, down to the small details of insects and vermin that we now know are part of the spread of the disease, but the characters are in the dark on this. Anderson's attention to these details and the mysteriousness of this disease and makes this book a fantastic read. I totally and completely loved it.

Speaking of loving something. I love this new book trailer:

I love how the music, colors and the drawings with those postures and phrases gives such a strong sense of the story. Way to show off your writing, Steve! I am so looking forward to Steve Brezenoff's book, THE ABSOLUTE VALUE OF -1, coming out in September. Yes, I have met Steve. He is great to hang out with at a conference, if you ever get the chance. Also I can recommended his "high interest, low level" readers at Stone Arch Books. My son loves them and it has been hard to find the right book, one he can read himself. (He reads like crazy on CD but with his eyes, it's much harder) These are a dream (at least ours!). I have every intention of writing about this on this blog. Later.
(and yes I am posting for entry into his contest, but I do sincerely like the video, and I probably would have done it anyway, but you should absolutely post this video and enter too, details here)

Finally: Reminder tomorrow at 12pm eastern is the second Unpluggage Convention; please show up if your time and computer allow. It is a great way to blow through some pages and get some support at the same time. I can't wait.