Monday, April 5, 2010

"I Hate Mondays"

Do you remember this song by The Boomtown Rats? Back when Bob Geldof was singing, before he became an activist against poverty in Africa. I heard it this weekend on the radio. So this song struck me, back when I was in high school and full of angst, and now because I have been trying to define camp. Listen to that dramatic beginning. The big upbeat sound that so contradicts the lyrics. It has a certain camp element to it. I think this song qualifies as camp because the message is so opposite the delivery. But camp is something that is more of a feel than a set of rules.

It has been a recent writing obsession of mine to try to identify camp and how it works on people. Or maybe, how it does not.
Here are my examples:

John Waters' Hairspray.

That first season of WEEDS.

Do you remember Raising Arizona? All that high falutan language coming from those petty criminals. Kind of campy.

In literature: How about The Confederacy of Dunces? Oscar Wilde has The Importance of Being Earnest. Even Jane Austen had some campy characters. A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Do you have any examples of camp?

But if you wish, just tell me how much you hate Mondays too. They can be rough, especially after long weekends and holidays.

Unplugging Convention Update:
Next Monday (A lot going on this week with wibbage on Wednesday at 1pm eastern). Maybe that will be a good way to start next week. I will post a place for us to set goals and then return and recount what we accomplished. Expect an update about said place on Friday.