Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mark Your Calendars

So I wanted to post the unpluggings for this upcoming week. I meant to do it last Friday but the whole deal got away from me. First the recap on WIBIJ?! Then school carnival, volunteering to sell spirit wear (the whole event would benefit from alcohol and I'm quite certain the school would make more money) and a weekend away with the book club women(no lack of alcohol here). Now I am back and planning for the week.

From now on unplugging schedules will be posted on Fridays both here and at The Practice Room. And there will always be a link through The Practice Room door noting the schedule. If you want to know more about The Practice Room go here.

Here is next week's schedule based on my ideas of what might work for those who have shown interest and have let me know what might work.

Monday, April 26, 12-1pm EST.
Tuesday, April 27, 11am-12pm EST
Wednesday, April 28, 5-6pm EST (This one is for you, Casey!) (After 11pm in Greece??)
Thursday, April 29, 12-1pm EST
Thursday, April 29, 11pm-12am EST (This one is for you, Elana!) (Definitely late in Greece!)
Sunday, May 2, 11pm-12m EST  (and this one!)

Special message for Ann Marie: Do any work for you? Is Greece seven hours later than eastern standard time?

I will not post the second or third post in the event no one can join me for the unpluggings!