Friday, April 9, 2010

A post about my blog (and the first ever Unpluggage Convention)

This is what I want: A place for me to collect and note all the things that inspire me. A place for me to share them with you, to discuss my writing process and the ups and downs of it. A place to connect with people and make new friends and yet keep the old (you all glitter as far as I'm concerned). A place for me to keep track of the books I read and make note of how they have provided for me as a writer. My goal is to keep posts short as that is what I like to read (sorry if this one gets too long! Special circumstance, I sware!). I also want to share the wealth of newly discovered Unpluggage Phenomena.

And ta da!
Here is the new blog! Why the cabbage up top? 'Cause cabbage is a delicious and wondrous thing. It can be used in Mexican dishes, Asian, pickled for Germans, dilled for the Norse folk of my heritage, add lentils and ginger and garlic in the case of Indian. And those layers provide for lovely metaphor. I could go on, but will not as I have pledged to keep the posts short and I have not yet got to the (whole) point of this particular post.

Introduction to the practice room. Ta Da!

Right through here: The Practice Room (Note: This is a door from my notebook. Jon is preparing an actual doorway for me. Between his many jobs and his commitment to his critters, etc. And then of course he has WIBIJ and his blog and the real writing... You really are, aren't you, J?)

Here is the Unpluggage Convention Plan: Enter a quiet little chamber, separate from these goofy posts and other distractions, a spa-type locale for us to convene. Where I hope you will sign in, set goals and unplug (only for an hour) to work on our WIPs, and then come back again to egg each other on. I will announce Unplugging Conventions periodically, here in the regular posts. I plan to mix up times, scheduling one every couple weeks, so there may a chance that you can make it. Initially, I will not be surprised if it is just Heather and Jon and I. Well, Jon when his grueling unplugging and replugging schedule permits. But that is okay because practicing is good for us. I reserve the right to change this plan as needed.

I would love for it to work for you. But I expect that some people need this like a hole in the head. But others may really benefit from a chance to set their goals an hour at a time, marking progress immediately afterward. They say you should count words instead of pages, and I say you should count them in one hour increments!

If you have ideas and want to weigh in please do so!! I WANT TO GET BETTER AT ALL OF THIS!

First ever Unpluggage Convention: Monday(4/12/10) at 12 pm Eastern. First post will go up at 11:30AM, giving you a chance to set your goals in the comments! (I am hoping Heather Kelly will announce it at the watercooler on Monday morning). Go see our practice practice runs: The Practice Room. And after we are done, feel free to encourage others, to fail miserably (or better as the saying goes) or blog about what happens. We will all be there to watch!