Monday, May 31, 2010

Posting The Practice Room Schedule

For the most recent unplug post, click here!
Come and join us if you can! Everyone is welcome. Check in at the appointed time, write for an hour and then report back and tell us how it went. To get to The Practice Room click the above link or go through the door at the right!

Here's this week's schedule.
Monday, May 31st, MEMORIAL DAY! (Just plain old unplugged unplugged, so no unpluggage.)
Tuesday, June 1, 11am-12pm EST(morning).
Tuesday, June 1, 10pm-11pm EST(night).
Wednesday, June 2,  5-6pm EST(aft-evening)
Thursday, June 3, 11-12pm EST(morning).
Thursday, June 3, 10pm-11pm EST(night).
Friday, June 4, 11am-12pm EST(morning).

I will not post the second or third post in the event no one joins me for the unpluggings!