Thursday, May 20, 2010

WG, WG and Love

Mademoiselle M.(I introduced my favorite book recommend-er here) told me that both Will Graysons were whiny. She was right, as usual! They are.  But it didn’t bother me one bit. In fact I loved the book more for the Will Grayson whiny-ness. And I love MM more for saying it.

So if you don’t know Will Grayson, I will take a moment to explain it to you. Written in alternating chapters by the great John Green and a lesser known man to me, but one I have come to love, Levithan (his character was my darling when he collaborated Rachel Cohen on Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist).  John Green’s Will Grayson is the straight best friend of the very big, in all ways except in a name, Tiny Cooper and Levithan’s undercase Will Grayson is terribly whiny, gay, and as of yet, unknown to them.

But like I said it made me love my MM more. She is the kind of friend that never would have abominable second guessings of friendship as the properly grammarizing Will Grayson did of his with the fabulous Tiny. My MM does not tread lightly nor feel sorry for herself. In the world, MM blasts full force with purpose and intentions, unlike the Will Grasons. Thank goodness because it is soon to change our world for the better.

If you want to make brilliant characters you should study how the wonderful pair of Levithan and JG created Tiny Cooper, unlike the straight WG, I was pretty sure I would love to have him as my friend. I’m pretty sure I would have stopped reading the book with out him. Maybe I should adjust the above statement. If you are interested in making characters that I love, you should study the building of Tiny Cooper. Because I really loved him. I couldn’t help thinking of Jonathon as I read this. And not because he was so much like him (In J’s own words, he doesn’t relate to Tiny at all) but because he had recommended Will Grayson, Will Grayson so highly, and because the things that I love about Tiny are the same things I love about J (exuberance, love, and honesty)!

And to contradict what J is saying right now about WG,WG at his blog, the book is a regular love fest. Boy on boy love. Boy on girl love. Friend on friend love. Mother on son love. Father on son. Platonic love. Romantic love. Gay love. Straight love. Gay loving straights. Straights loving gays. Me loving the book. It is extremely representative, although no, I do not think inappropriate(I might have made it sound otherwise but it is just hype).

Also, the collaboration of this book made me love both authors more(and I couldn't help but think of J). I had half expected a book where two halves were mushed together. Loosely connected stories that sold books with names but not effort. But I was wrong. The characters played off each other beautifully and the authors let the story unfold, using each others' chapters to reveal more. It was a beauty of a collaboration that I had to return to the library, so I do not have evidence to back me up. Just take my words for it.

And everything I learned of collaborating, I have learned from J and H. I would love to take a Tiny Cooper moment here to sing their praises. Like Tiny Cooper, my girl Mademoiselle M. they blast full fource with purpose and intention and you must love and admire that. I do. How can I do it more authentically show it than with The Sound of Music? The Alps, Julie Andrews, and this video does it all, but you only have to watch a little of the following clip to get the full effect.

I appreciate you, Jonathon Arntson and Heather Kelly! Let's do something like Will Grayson, Will Grayson someday. Maybe with less whining.