Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Will WIBIJ Do?

Can you folks help me figure something out? We are considering signing up WIBIJ as a Amazon Affiliate. Things that are attractive about this: We will be able to continue to give our readers books as fodder for playing. Continue to support the lovely authors that provide stops for our games. And make it easy for you to buy the books that we feature. We would love for our game to continue to provide books as winnings.  And if you love our game it seems like a win-win way to support it.

The second consideration to that is the three of us care deeply for our local independent book stores. But as we live in different parts of the world from each other, our common denominator is WIBIJ and other sorts of Internet commonalities. Therefore, Amazon is a little bit local, all things considered.

So I went hunting for information and here are some of the things that I found.

I had heard of Indiebound but had not really known that it had it's own affiliateness. I like that there are options out there for folks who would rather shop independent. Here is my local independent bookstore on Indiebound. Here is a blog that describes a shopping experience with Indiebound vs. Amazon. 

Seemed like a great option, but I did wonder, would it really provide as much commission as Amazon? Because of the familiarity, ease of it's online model and recognition, my guess was that most people would quickly click through to buy a book from Amazon but hesitate before they did the same at Indiebound. With further googling I found this post of a Twitter conversation that seems to indicate just that. Blogger affiliates make money (enough to buy the books to give away on their blog and pay postage) with Amazon but not Indiebound, at least according to this convo.

So after my google forays for information, here is my idea for what wibij should do:

Become affiliates to both Indiebound and Amazon. Link books to both sites, listing the Indiebound link first. State clearly on the blog that we are both Indiebound and Amazon affiliate, we want to support local independent book sellers, but we also care that our blog game participants, readers and general cheerers-on keep coming back for more of the good stuff we provide, as such we provide options for their ease or philosophy as the case may be. And each purchase made through said links will go to support the game, our awards, and any other fees we may incur over the making of our game.

The reason I post my thought process here is not only to make it transparent, but also to enlist your help. I would love your thoughts on this matter. What have I naively left out? Do you have your own sage advice? What would you, lovely blogger, do?

UPDATE: more linkage: wordpress explanations