Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How I Write: Research

First of all: Ode to Google.
Oh Google, how I love you ! You are always there when I have never been to Bath, England, which (so far) is always (jealous of you, Marisa!).  When I want to know the etymology of etymology and then how to spell it.  When I want to learn about Free Indirect Speech and the rules of the Mall of America. Oh, Google, I rely on you all day long. What would I do without you?

As far as other research goes, I sometimes like to go and be places. Places that have to do with my writing. I like to write in that spot. But more often, I save images and links that connect somehow to the idea of my book. Like this is an image for my next novel: A Catolog of Nature from The National Museum of Natural History

Or this Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. Although I have yet to figure out how it relates. Most of my research happens by accident and afterwards I have to figure out how it relates.

I use research for discovery and then I use instinct to know when it is time to stop discovering and put it down on paper.

Now off to the list to find out what research means to other folk!