Monday, July 5, 2010

Engagement Party

We had the most enormous party ever last night. The party was to celebrate my sister's engagement to the fabulous Jonathan (not the Jon A of internet fame but Jon B of Communist Daughter of which I mentioned last week). With a band (so fun!) and 100 + people and fireworks. The food and sangria was FABU!

My sister and her kids are staying at my house and so is my mom and stepfather. AND the house has one remaining bunny.

So I must explain: Our house is located on its own version of Teletubbyland. Lots of green space, and bunnies are a major part of the landscape. We found four in the grass on Wednesday. My dog was picking up the teeniest in his mouth and the rest were scattered like confetti around him. We left them there for two hours to see if their mother returned.

Based on my son's googling, we have estimated their birth date to be last Wednesday morning(the same day we found them, also my daughter's b-day) Best means of care, also via Google, kitten formula and an eye dropper.  Alas when mother didn't return, we figured they were orphaned or abandoned. Wild bunnies are hard to keep alive in captivity, we read. And we can now attest to that fact. 3 of the four have died. But not for my son's lack of trying.

(link to poem eventually)