Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How I Write: Starting a new Work in Progress

I’m gearing up for Nano, I think. NANOWRIMO, is write your novel now month. A month in which people are sprinting through their stories, letting the words pile up behind them, attempting to finish the first draft of a novel in one month. I have done abbreviated versions of this in the past. In fact the first severely flawed first draft of my current novel was product of a Nano month. But this time I would like to try to spend the month of November drafting after getting to know my characters and plot.

So I guess this is how I get started now. First, I set a goal: To be drafting by November. Then, I figure out what I need to do to reach that goal: It will mean completing the snowflake for this new story and then diagramming it with the nine point plot grid and spending the rest of my time daydreaming about my characters and all their difficult situations. Recently I read this post at Upstart Crow, and I plan to apply the Rule of Twenty to my next book (fact is I think I have applied it to my current wip too, but I wrote all twenty drafts of those options, my new way I will do it all in my imagination.)

And here’s another tip, sign up for Heather Kelly’s Tour de Writing. Set your goal in her comments and keep track of it over the coming weeks. Maybe you will win a prize, or just maybe the prize will be committing yourself to that new project and getting some words down on the page! So I just set a revision goal over there this morning, and now I think I will head out and type a second goal into her comments.

Happy trails everyone, and check out how others start their new wips here!