Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How I Write: knowing when I'm done???

I guess I would be better suited to answer this question if I had any idea how being done felt. But knowing how I feel about what I have, I can tell you that I’m close. I’ve read plenty of other people's books that were not done yet. Published or otherwise. And I’ve known that they haven't been done. So as far as my own goes, how will I know? I'm looking for the familiar signposts of doneness. You know, word counts, a beginning middle and end, tied up plot lines, some critter to tell me I'm ready, yadda yadda yadda. I have thought I was done in the past, or near done, as I do now, but this time is different--I swear.

To quote my husband’s Uncle Mort: if you think you are lost, probably you have just not gone far enough. We have found it to be almost always true. If we go just a bit farther down the road we find the right turn off. This little bit of wisdom can apply to just about everything. A writer has got to trust she will see the right turn off. The book still needs a lot of polishing and some content tweaking. And I’m sure it would be best, smoother, more solid if I started it over from scratch and wrote it again knowing everything I know now. But after writing it all over again, I would for sure learn something new and then there would be something else to change. So why not just take this new expertise to a fresh idea?

That is just what I am doing: Call myself done for now and move on to the next idea. On vacation I am day dreaming and brainstorming and collecting ideas toward WIP2 and WIP3. And taking a break from # 1, after all these years.