Thursday, September 30, 2010

I finished my manuscript last week.

This time I reached the end of it and knew it was actually the end.  I have passed the 54,268 thousand word document called St. Jude's Shelter for Hopeless Causes off to most of my final readers and I wait for the feedback. This is like it has been before. I wait with the same doubts and still the waiting is waiting, but it is also different. I have changed the book hugely, cut out parts that I loved, rearranged the whole thing and done it again, finally discovered what my MC is really thinking. Thanks to all you folks that help me get it here:  early writing group Sean and Laura, my writing partner Andy (jeeze I cannot thank you enough!), Paul Michael Murphy (who's feedback was totally valuable thanks for slogging through that draft!), Heather (my dear! got me to a new beginning), Jon (yes you totally did help over and over), and last and perhaps the midwife to me and the book in this final form, Marisa(I am so grateful that you loved it's oddness). I will never write a book like this again. And not just because it is totally unique and beautiful in it's finished form but also because I know a lot more now than I did when I started (say amen to that)!

The things Next Book have going for it:
-Confidence and momentum (the antithesis to all the stalling and floundering I did on last book).
-Writing Partners from the first words instead of writing into a vacuum.
-Daydreaming and playlists and having fun!
-Knowing more about pace, tension and character, so as not to torture quite as many folks with my words.
-Knowing how to hear critiques - I've had a ton of good practice getting and implementing feedback and I would not be here without it. It is a hard thing to do and I appreciate all you all have done for me.