Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ignoring Kidlit Bloggers Conference 2010 Does You No Good

It is in my neck of the woods, do you hear? I have been seeing the words brandied about and in past years I have paid a bit of attention feeling jealous as other people go and get to meet their blogger friends in the flesh. But this year I turned a blind eye at blog posts and what not about the event, figuring I don't want to make myself feel bad not being able to travel long distances and all (for expense and time reasons mostly). This year it will take place 5.9 miles from my house at The Loft Literary Center - love that place. And I will submit my check today (a mere $45 pittance in comparison to other conference prices).

Read about the conference here. You can see the list of attendees down the blogs sidebar and find a posting about the schedule (Maggie Stiefvater as keynote) and links to other bloggers' plugs for why you should attend. Just so you know, Minneapolis is beautiful in October! If you go, maybe we could carpool?