Monday, October 11, 2010

In Preparation for Nano: TPR talk

NaNo has been the talk of TPR (The Practice Room) chats of late. NaNoWriMo that is. You know the obscene sounding writer's crusade where people think they can write a whole novel in one month, keeping track of word counts and WINNING when they get to 50,000. And yes, everybody wins when they get to 50,000(I didn't know that). If you want to know more read NaNo in a nutshell page. So it seems a number of us practice roomers are poised for the word counts of November. And today we are just three weeks shy of of the starting gun. 

One of the more satisfying part of my recent revision was when I kept a running tally of words deleted from my manuscript. Each day I watched and thrilled as my word count decreased (odd but true). And, in theory deleting words is easier that writing them, so I am a little stressed about the prospect of all that typing. Thankfully, in the meantime I don't have to type at all, I get to daydream in preparation for the starting gun. I can rake leaves and clean bathrooms while listening to my novel-to-be's playlist. I could collage and find some sort of visual representation that I'd like to capture in words. Or even fill out fun worksheets like this one about plot, and this great new one about characters, or if the spirit seriously moves me snowflake the whole thing.

So do you have NaNo plans? And what do you do to get ready?

And just in case you want to do a few practice sprints during an unplug hour or join us for a chat, find the schedule through the door along the right sidebar!