Monday, October 25, 2010

What to expect when it is your first day in TPR chat...

Imagine you have just participated in The Practice Room unpluggage hour. You found the schedule through that door on the right. You have shown up at the appointed time to post your goals for the hour in Post 1's comments. Post 2  announced the hour as the host sent you off to work in the above mentioned comments. You have spent the hour ignoring your children and emails and given your WIP undivided attention. You were more productive than you usually are, than you ever expected. You are thrilled and then scared as Post 3 appears complete with a live chatbox. This is the most daunting, where you will jump in and join the fun. Comparing notes and getting encouragement.

This is how it will go:

There will be a place to sign in to Chatroll. That is the site that hosts our chats. You can either choose to sign up as a guest (this has been done by many first time users of TPR) or you can pick a user name and password. Either way we will hail you when your name shows up on the side window. "Hi, guest4651!"

Then get ready, because the questions ensue:
How did your time go?
What are you working on?
What genre do you write?
Read any good books lately?
Do you have a blog?
And then we all share URLs.
Finally, if you visit this week, you will be asked: Are you planning to do NaNo (That is NaNoWriMo. See past posts about it here and here.)

Come ad try it out! As usual, you can find the TPR Schedule through the door to the right.

Special Event Notification: We will hold a NaNo Kickoff Chat Party on Sunday night October 31st at 11 pm eastern. Come and hang out with other folks planning to write their little hearts out during the month of November. This will be your chance to feel the calm before the storm. The tumult will begin at midnight the 1st of November!

Also, COMING SOON: A whole new look, both here and at TPR. The makeover is thanks to the great Jon Arntson and his eye for internet fashion - look at his pretty blog here.


  1. Excellent post on the inside workings of TPR, T!

    Oh, and thanks for the shout out!

  2. Ditto to Jon's comment, except for the bottom part - though I have seen some of his practice designs and the shout out was so worthy, because he is awesome, as are his designs!

  3. Ooooh, a makeover! How exciting!

    You forgot to mention how post TPR chats often meander into such topics as Project Runway, 30Rock, or who can think of a cheesy sci fi movie with squirting blood for KrysteyBelle to reference in her WIP.

    Never know what to expect ...

    See you on Thursday! Don't know if I'll still be researching, or if I'll feel brave enough to venture into the opening chapters of next WIP!

  4. Gosh, J! The shouting is the least I could do. And about you, it is not hard!

    Yay, Marisa. He is totally shout worthy, as are his designs. And hopefully the inner workings will take away some of the mystery of joining in.

    That is so true, Dianne! You never know where the conversation will take us. Sometimes we get some research done right in chat too! And as far as the new WIP - yay, go for it!!!! See you Thursday (if we cn get through with dinner on time). I do so appreciate your hosting then.

  5. WOO-HOO!! Party in the Practice Room!! Well, it's always a party!! Can't wait!! What are you all going to bring? I was going to bring frozen Charleston Chews, but not sure that there will be any left, come Sunday. Hmmm. Twizzlers? Anyone try those M&M pretzel things?

  6. I'm looking forward to being part of TPR again! Great run down!

  7. Heather, well it is always a party when you are there. WOOT! I might have to bring coffee! Late at night writing requires artificial energy - but sugar won't hurt.

    Yay, Kelly! Me too. We'll have to get some more evenings on the docket for you when you are ready!

  8. How cool! I didn't know you were doing this. I'm to check out more, Tina (though I'm not doing Nano this year). Thanks!

  9. Jakee, we would sure love to see you if you ever want to join a practice session - NaNo or not! Thanks for checking it out!

  10. Hey lady, have you posted a link to your Nano profile anywhere? I want to add you as a writing buddy. Only so I can keep track of your word count and tease you if it moves too slowly.

  11. Ray! I think I friended you already at NaNoWrimo, but if not I will definitely go find you now. And I'm looking forward to a little chiding cause I know I will be slow. Expect that I will tease your speed and abundance! And yeah, I guess I should put that link up here some where.

  12. Wow--sounds like there's lots of cool stuff going on over there. I'm looking forward to the changes. Very nice look into the inside workings of TPR.

  13. Thanks, Samuel. It's looking pretty nice around here if I do say so myself! Thanks to Jon's finesse.

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