Thursday, November 18, 2010

Facing the Word Count

I am re-posting this from awhile back. Remember? It is the Rube Goldberg machine video from OK Go (Yes, apparently it is OK Go week. What can I say? Their videos are relevant to creativity and that is what I am all about).

Jon reminded me of this video with a take on it different than what I gleaned from it awhile back.  It came up when I mentioned my feelings of insecurity as I write the new WIP. He told me to write on through and to watch this video again. The title of the song is in fact "This too Shall Pass." Why I didn't get it before I don't know guess I am obtuse (like that was ever in question). The idea of pushing through adversity no matter what destruction will befall you. No matter how many pieces of toast (this video) or that the TV and the piano will be crushed in the melee.

I am cruising on my NaNo word count. At this particular moment I have 43,124 words since the month began (I will add 2,500 by the end of the day. That is my daily goal till I hit 50,000 on Saturday. After that I plan on still writing everyday but I will ease way back to 750.). I am somewhere in the middle of my novel with just the barest of ideas of what will happen as I get to the end. I keep having to resubmit to the messy process and push on. This is when the doubts creep in. Is the thing I'm making gonna be pleasant to anyone else, make sense, be obtuse like me? The not knowing what is ahead is painful. It is like being in pitch black scary darkness. But the fact that it has worked this far - that I have reached the middle and there already is the tiniest light on up ahead - might mean I could make it the whole way. I guess it is a lot quieter then the OK Go video, but I feel the destruction on the inside. Facing it is the hardest part.

The Practice Room helps. It is humming along, keeping me disciplined. Come write with us. Be amazed with how productive you can be (obtuse or not, The Practice Room keeps me honest). Check out the schedule through the door at the right.