Monday, November 8, 2010

How I Write: NaNo

I have been really liking my project. My goal is 2,500 words a day so that I will be done in time to properly host my parents when they come for Thanksgiving. So far I have been managing to get my words in, even last week when I spent 17 hours at my kids' school's book fair (today I still have 2000 to do).

It seems to help when I let myself start with a meditation on the page. I summarize the book following whatever nonsense flows from my fingertips, then ideas and scenes kind of come out of nowhere about nowhere in particular in the story. So my NaNo document involves a sort of outline by summery between expanded scenes that circle all over the time line. Sometimes I summarize plot points, other times emotions and conflicts After I am done writing my words for the day, I copy and paste everything in roughly in the right order (each scene has its own text document and title in Scrivener). I have a NaNo document that is a mess, including all attempts at brainstorming and repetitions of scenes and a Scrivener doc that I keep neatish!

I have never let myself write so crazily. We'll see if it keeps working.

The last couple of days has been harder. I'm tapped and insecurity has got a hold on me. So the message at yoga this morning was: Trust. And that resonated.

One month and then its gone. Hit select all and delete and all 50 thousand words are gone. But practice counts. Next time I will do this even better. For now, I am trusting. Trusting that this idea is good enough, trusting that my fabulous critique partners will help me make it better when the time comes, trusting that practice makes perfect and not the other way around.

Please check out The Practice Room's schedule through that door off to the right. How do you write?