Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lookit! - The New Me

Thanks to Jon. Do you still recognize me? Check out The Practice Room, it's all new too. I am getting all streamlined here and will continue to make it more so.

So do you want to know what it is like to work with Jon. FUN! He says things like: I'm all yours and you tell me what you want and I will try to make it work. I am not the first person he has done this for just look at Heather's and Tracy has a fine chalk talk button, and of course their is the quiet but beautiful wibij. So to start, he threw out a mock up and then let me respond. What if we tweak this? Adjust that? We did all of it on google chat. He'd make a change and email me the jpeg and then we'd compare the two colors if only we could write manuscripts with the same kind of constant feedback. So voila! Here it is! He's a marvel and I love it.  Thank you, J!

The final process was coaching me through uploading all the jpegs and fussing with all of Blogger's fine tuning. Now in front of your eyes is part Jon's impeccable taste and vision. Part Jon's take on me and my two little blog spaces and part my influence as we jiggered around a bit. Process is always so lovely (unless it is painful, as it frequently is) and once again beautiful in collaboration! Many hands make the work light or so they say and that is what I hope for NANO as well. You did not think you would make it through this whole post without a mention of NaNo did you?

This NaNo has really coincided with a bunch of things that have made it possible to be rewriting myself right now. Part of the change will be how I write this NaNo novel. My old one just finished itself up and was a sort of master class in writing a novel, so my approach to NaNo will reflect what I have learned. My plan: slow and steady like a turtle. Thoughtful writing. Yet not too thoughtful! I will summarize the scenes I'm not prepared to write yet and focus on quality over quantity. And yet I am not going to fuss much. This is about forward momentum and staying true to the story and getting the words in!

I should be writing my NaNo novel right now!