Saturday, December 18, 2010

End of the world. Or just winter break come early.

The snow here is hip deep after last weekend's blizzard and just too much to move out of the way of the nearly one million inhabitants of this city (plus the 'burbs). Taxi drivers are regularly getting stuck down the block and it took days for the snow plows to get to me. But really, the whole event has been wonderful (like a week in Tahoe), if a little creepy (in my daughter's words). She got stuck on a sleepover the night of the blizzard, so it turned into a double sleepover which is fine and dandy unless you don't know if you will have wait till the thaw to see your family again. And, I feel the same way - about the creepy that is. I never thought I would see my city quite so undone by a little snow. Finally we are plowed but the streets so narrow that city buses cannot get through. Confusion abounds about how to get your car out of the way. I am feeling like perhaps the end is near. There are too many people and they don't know what to do. I have never quite seen my city like this. It is this kind of stuff that brings nations down. I have been trying to spend even more time at home than usual. In the old days we would not have seen each other til the spring anyway. I like those old simple ways.

With all the general snowed-in-ness you think I would have made some virtual travels, but I haven't even done that. I have not made it out to folks blogs in the last week and I certainly haven't made it to my own. I guess I have been shoveling. So with this sad showing I am notifying you of my winter break.

TPR is also on hiatus. I will post the next schedule Sunday, January 2nd, 2011. Or you can catch Dianne on the evening of the 30th, when she hosts a pre-New Year unplug Thursday night. I will catch up with you all eventually and be back to blogging soon enough. In January, let the rat race resume!

For now, hope you get to hunker down for the shortest day of the year, write to your hearts' content and enjoy a little eggnog.  Happy festivities and see you next year!