Monday, January 3, 2011

Write Everyday (Resolution 2011)

This post is about resolutions. You've got to expect it from my first post of the new year.

I am joining Jon and Heather in their commitment to write everyday or give a dollar to charity. You can join too, just go over to their blogs and email them with a link to your post on the commitment. Start at anytime. It is never to late to write.

 So I will Write Everyday - beyond that my expectations are low. I will get up in the morning and put in 750 words and beyond that I can write all the crap that I want. The words will come out haltingly and like laundry lists of gibberish. And I am determined that I WILL KEEP WRITING THEM.

Like brushing my teeth, I will do it everyday even if I don't see immediate results.

Years ago, post-MFA, post-second baby and pre-novel I did the artists way ala Julia Cameron and the best thing that that book taught was to make writing a habit. She called them morning pages and only required 3 of them. The idea was to stay and plumb the secret depths of your mind just long and see what is in there waiting to come out. Let writing become your antenna. Like a prayer perhaps. Some people sit beside their bed with their hands folded. I do it a bit differently. I sit down on my exercise ball and type some words into the ether, using: 750 words . The guy who designed the site did Julia Cameron's artist rehabilitation as well. Then he made this website where I can go write into cyberspace. It's brilliant really. I make a mess far away from anything that resembles my manuscripts and the site keeps track for me. I can even rack up points although I am now on zero because I fell off the wagon over vacation. But oh well, no beating myself up, just put money into the charity jar. I choose St. Stephen's as the beneficiary of my laziness. My son has been serving meals there in preparation for his bar mitzvah. I will join him by putting my money into the pot - our family will take on ending homelessness with ferocity. So on the days when I can't write, I will make amends. (I'm $26 dollars in at this point - I put $25 in just to get myself started.)

As my yoga instructor said today: Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.  Actually Rumi said it first and I like it for this resolution, because you can't do wrong either way. I also like it for TPR. Come through the door at the right and check out next week's schedule.  If you can make it, there is an hour for you to meet your resolution.