Tuesday, February 1, 2011

As per Anita's Holiday Declaration!

2nd Annual Unofficial Post a Photo of Your Work Space Day

Here is my soon to be work space. We are converting the garage into a "studio" for the whole family to use. I will finally have a little corner of this to call my own.

[Photo missing.]

As you may recall, my work space from last year involved an exercise ball. I still mostly sit there, but as of Sunday night my (our) computer refused to boot up. So thanks to my hubby I have been using his work computer below at the cafe tables in our messy triple duty dining area.

I am in fact sitting there right now as I post this.

It is also TPR hour as I post this so I better get to work, as when the hour is up I must have something to say for myself!

I would love to see your workspace too. Let me know in comments if you have posted it on your blog and I will come to check it out.

Oh and here is the usual plug - come check out the schedule and join us in the practice room. Everyone is welcome.