Friday, March 18, 2011

Identify your writing values - part 2

Here is my example - I make almost all the food we eat at my house from scratch and from organic ingredient. It is a health choice for me. I do believe it is healthier for me and my kids. They have those obesity studies. There have even been nutritional differences found between organic and non, stemming from overproducing soils etc. But my value of it goes even further. It is political. I think that animals and vegetables that are raised by ethical practises, practises that are humane to the animals and earth that we live on. ecologically responsible as long as I have the money to do it educates my consumption. I can chose that item that is more expensive because it is based on deep held values that I have.

So likewise with writing, what are your deep held values that will help you chose to do what is difficult, write over watching TV or sending that next email or keeping the kids happy or just not starting because the whole of it is too hard to consider ever getting done? I would like to know. Why do you write everyday even though everything says you should stop now (the lack of money, the lack of appreciation, the chances that someone who can do something with it are slim)?

Well I love it - that's why I do. I love the unraveling and the re-raveling. I love the puzzling it requires and the close attention to feelings and the close attention to every other detail there is. I love how I feel when I read those things that have been raveled and re-raveled by other authors especially the ones that I can tell have been labored over and cared about down to every minute detail themselves. I love what I reveal to myself after I puzzle on the page for awhile.