Friday, March 25, 2011

News, News!

First of all, I have a new class slotted to start on Wednesday. We tweaked some things based on feedback and there is a new description and times for the next class. So if any of you folk are nearby enough to come write with me, I would love it. Email me!

Writing Bootcamp

Jumpstart your writing metabolism! Join our three week workshop aimed to get you physically writing. Find yourself motivated and energized as Rachel and Tina lead you through structured exercises and give you the tools to establish your own writing routine. Open to all experience levels (modifications will be offered). Bring your favorite writing utensil and a cheap notebook. Please email Tina at with questions, to save a spot in class, and for more information. Class capped at 6.

Dates: 3 Wednesdays: March 30th, April 6th, and 13th, 2011.
Time: 7 pm - 8:30, followed by an optional 30 minute writing session
Cost: $25 for 3 sessions, payment due at first class.
Location: Linden Hills neighborhood

Come strengthen your writing core - because you get better at what you practice!

Also, Anita, middle grate writer and book reviewer extraordinaire,  has a new blog dedicated to middle grade titles. Anita is by far one of my favorite bloggers. She has so much to say and yet she keeps it succinct. One of the finest traits in blogging. And she is always asking your opinion! Her perspective is unique, refreshing and upbeat. All the things that will make her your go to source for all things middle grade! Find her new blog here, friend her up, leave a comment, you will feel brilliant when she responds! Her blog is alive with interaction!


  1. Yay for another great class! Man, I wish I could attend!! How great would that be!!!
    And hurray for Anita's new blog too!

  2. What a great idea for a class! Good luck with it!

  3. Kelly, you would bring a ton to the class. i would love to write with you. Someday!

    Kris, thanks! I am looking forward to it!

  4. What a great workshop! I'm sure it will be really helpful to a lot of people.

    Will follow the link to Anita's blog! Thanks for the heads up!

  5. :( <- FROWN because to go to your class!! Sounds like such fun!

  6. Thanks for the mention! I'm excited about the middle grade blog and hope it unfolds like I'm planning in my brain!

  7. Carol - Thanks. It is so fun for me too. For sure check out Anita's! She is brilliant.

    Marisa - Like I said to Kelly! Someday!!!!

    Anita - Oh your brain-children!! I have to say I am excited too! Let me know if I can help - I love to babysit...

  8. Excited to read about your class, Tina. Sounds terrific!

  9. Your class sounds great. I hope it fills up!! And thanks for the link to Anita's new blog!!

  10. Karlene - Thanks for stopping by! I am still thinking of that book rec! I actually just had an interview today at a book store! I will email you soon!

    Paul, thanks. Everybody who did it before is up for it again and one of them is bringing a friend. I'm thrilled by the energy folks have brought to it so far! Thanks for the well wishes.

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