Friday, March 4, 2011

Still More Class. (and tpr anniversary coming up)

The final class came and went last Wednesday. People brought in their "assignments" to take one written exercise further at home. They each approached this differently but  all were energized by the prospect of something they did in class informing something outside of class. One person had never approached her words from the other side of her brain before and was struck at how different this felt, while other students were old hat at that kind of thing. A long discussion ensued on revision vs. drafting, voice and persona, creative nonfiction, etc. etc. That is the beauty of these writing classes, folks get comfortable with one another and you can't get them to shut up long enough to get those writing minutes.

My one regret, we talked more than we wrote this last class. But otherwise the whole series was a resounding success.

What can I do better next time? There are ways that I can tweak the description to better represent the class(expect to hear about this soonish). I can shorten the class by 30 minutes, not because we didn't use that time or enjoy it, but because 2 hours is daunting to commit after a working day. I can lower my overhead (even more because my spectacular park building doesn't require a lot) so that the class can remain small because its intimate size serves and still compensate me a bit for the time. And I love the idea of running these classes in series of 3s, pushing a little harder with homework and other expectations - but not too much. Maybe even an optional final writing exercise at the hour and a half mark so people have the option to get the two hours in, which is really what the class should be.

AND on a separate note The Practice Room will be a year old in April! Marisa, Heather and I convened for the first hour of official practice room unplugging (there had only been practice practice room unplugging before that). It has been a fantastic year of which I wish I had kept better records. In the next few posts I will attempt to both honor the work we have done and see if we can re-commit to unplugging practice for a productive second year. As always to come join - EVERYONE IS WELCOME - head through the door on the right. Next schedule posts Sunday, March 6.