Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time for a Makeover

It was 1984 and I had gone to The Salvation Army Thrift Store ("The Sal") and bought myself an outfit. A little too daring for my small town high school. But was it? Seriously, nothing I had worn since I moved to town in 5th grade was satisfying the powers that be. I had fit in in Minneapolis but small town rules were much more rigid. I just couldn't get them right. There wasn't enough money for me to keep up with the proper Adidas and Izod uniform. So I planned my makeover. The night before I lay my outfit out. Necklaces to wrap around my wrist. A short black slip over leggings and the piece de resistance a leopard printed corduroy jacket. I was to be so Desperately Seeking Susan before I had even seen the movie. The beauty really wasn't the outfit though, the beauty was Madonna's attitude. I donned that as well, but I was nice (I like to think I was more of a Cyndi Lauper type).