Thursday, May 5, 2011

I like your emails and all but...

I miss the days of cozy commenting. You know what I am talking about? Where there's a conversation after a blog post. The blogger posts. People comment. The blogger comments back. Sometimes those comments can take you to whole different places and subjects and sometimes it's where the best epiphanies come from. I'm afraid the conversation may have switched to Twitter. I am afraid of that because I'm not particularly conversational on Twitter.

Melissa(MG Higgins) had a post a bit ago discussing the merits of the email response vs. commenting in response. Quite a lot of people came out in favor of blog comments over the emails. Anita's posts and subsequent comments feel like a convo to me (join the convo about Middle Grade books here.) What do you think? Are there any others out there? I'd love recommendations. Direct me to some blogs where a lively conversation exists. And what do you think those authors do to make it happen?