Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm all a-Twitter.

Thanks to Nathan Bransford, I just read his blog and learned a lot about Twitter's @replies. The subtlties of who recieves @replies and when just makes me love the place more (also read about the subtle shifts of old school RTs verses new school at Nathan's blog - follow all the comment links if you want to find out why to use the old retweet protocol). Of course I found the post from his tweet in the first place. Which has been what has been the most fun about Twitter. The things you find (this you tube video about anti-gay marriage amendment in my legislature, these pictures of homemade dams, stink bugs and the Ashpocalypse, not to mention it is how I heard about school closings and the 9 pm curfew after last afternoon's tornado shook up the Northside, and this was just today). Twitter will not replace my bloggy connections, but it's faster and doesn't require quite the committment. It's poetry is a little addicting. I find my twitter feed developing its own personality. Sometimes its mood surprises me. I'm still figuring it out but I do believe it is going to to make the blog world better. I can see why this bird is all the rage.

Also, play the twitter game: #AlternateEndings today! Follow any of these folks if you want to see how it works  .