Monday, June 27, 2011

#wits, showing enthusiasm, Twitter

I went to see #wits with Neil Gaiman last friday. You can watch a streamed version here (Oops, not available anymore. :( Sorry.). Above is Galahad, Josh Ritter's last song of the show. He is the main reason we bought tickets. I love the way this man writes poetry. I first saw him perform a few years ago when he played at the varsity. I was an instant fan, enamored with his puppy-like energy. This same energy is also the same reason I married my husband. I am attracted to palpable non-Minnesotan ways of showing enthusiasm. Very different from my staid and grounded demeanor.

I have never wanted a smart phone so badly as when reading tweets up on the screen both before the show and during intermission. It was during intermission that the New York news hit that they had passed the Gay marriage law. The theater was already buzzing with a party like atmosphere because of the ability to make charming repartee via social media but when someone tweeted the news (I believe it was @editrixx, you know Steve Brezenoff don't you? Well, his wife made the announcement, didn't know at the time, only found out later on Twitter. If only I had a travel size Twitter-checker, I could have said hi.) The whole theater erupted in cheering. Such fun! Another non Minnesotan showing of enthusiasm. Another reason to love Twitter.