Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The San Francisco's Writers' Grotto

I know of the place because of Dave Egger's connection to it but to I don't really remember what that connection was. You can click through and check their classes out or read on and I will tell you of them here*. Journalling Happy Hour sounds a lot like our class. Down to the last line even: yoga without the stretch pants (We said it a little differently: no spandex required).  The fee is a little rich compared to ours (I'm guessing the overhead at the Grotto is steep compared to my little studio space), but ... what a excellent sounding class! I'd totally sign up!

Cases of convergences thrill me. This isn't exactly up to par with Lawrence Weschler’s Everything That Rises, a book I bought for my brother-in-law years ago. To this day, I pick it up to read every chance I get. Weschler's connections between the seemingly unrelated are beautiful. Click through for a example. You can even click farther to see images of maps?/leaves? that are stunning.

Maybe there is different kind of name for what I'm talking about. Events where ideas erupt like volcanoes simultaneously all over the world, even though folks have no overlap. As far as I know the grotto has been doing classes like mine for years and I just thought it was a fresh idea, plunked right down in my head from who knows where. But more likely I think it is a cultural convergence, one of those phenomena of timing and consciousness. Whatever the case, this was the exact class I was dying to take back in 2005 when my daughter had turned 3 and it was time to return to the writing. Where were those ideas then? (It was yet another baby I was raising!)

Another class on their list was one I am also doing around here! Can you believe it?! I have been calling it a Write-in. We use the Pomodoro technique to structure time. 25 minutes followed by a 5 minute break and then repeat. I copied Jan. She described it first on her blog. Four of my writing girlfriends came over and we had a practice almost a month ago. We wrote early on a Saturday morning. It was a productive blast. Plus there was great food, coffee and mimosas. I plan on trying it in the evenings eventually. The practices will iron out the kinks. And then I will open it up to my list.

Starting my next class tomorrow. Link to the page above if you want to sign up!

*Actually I went back to their site and it turns out you can't read about the classes anymore - they must be SOLD OUT.


  1. Flash mobs and convergence.

    Continue having fun with your classes!

  2. My problem is that I have such a limited amount of time that I have to sit down and write by myself and get it done. This will be the first school year, though, when everybody is in school all day. I have high hopes for writing time. I may show up in your class (w/out spandex).

  3. Jon: You got me pegged! See you tomorrow sometime. Must catch up.

    Anita: Yes, I hear you. Me too. Must just take the little bits of time I have. But it is so hard to jump in sometimes that I so appreciate a community willing to do it - push me in and the writing classes we do totally force my hand. The other thing is structure. I like classes and TPR for that.

    I so can't wait to write with you someday. Be it next year or whenever. Sometime it will be in person!

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