Monday, August 8, 2011

Bargain Good eBook: get it while it's hot!

Anita's new middle grade mystery goes on sale today. Her last kid's ebook, EARTHLING HERO was a fast paced and fun read. TODAY she has a second kids' ebook, A SCARY GOOD BOOK, available! Based on her sample of it (available to read here), it's gonna be even better than the first. And you got to admit the time is right. You can put it on your eReader in seconds flat. Right before you head out on that car trip, and it's bound to be a book the whole family can enjoy! 

You know the price is right too. At $.99, this book pays for itself with the first couple of paragraphs (although they are technically free if you check out that link above). I love the voice as it introduces us to Hannah's misery. The tension in these sentences is palpable as we wait for the narrator to tell us why, unfolding detail after detail, delaying our gratification even as elucidating us to Hannah's life. Satisfying and titillating at the same time. This promises to be a well-written and interesting good book!

Read the description below or click over to Anita's blog and give it a try!

 Twelve-year-old Hannah Stone tells everyone she’s “okay,” but that’s a total lie. Two years ago her dad was killed by a hit-and-run driver. The detective in charge of the case never found the driver, but he somehow managed to get Hannah’s mom to fall in love with him. The jerk. And speaking of love, Hannah’s developed a major crush on Ollie Ortega—he’s her best friend and the only one she can talk to—a crush on Ollie is so not a good idea.

Also not a good idea? Searching for a missing person with no help from the police. But that’s exactly what Hannah does when she finds messages in library books—underlined words that point her in the direction of someone who needs her.

And, suddenly, Hannah’s even further from okay. She breaks into a library, gets caught in a kidnapper’s web, and is stalked by her dad’s killer, all in an effort to save a life…but can she save herself, too?