Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm back from vacation.

Never really announced around here that I was going or when I was coming back, but I believe the folks knew over at TPR. But here I am and school has already begun for the kiddos and the garden is bursting at the seams, so I am off running.  Where do you think I have left my writing?

Just to recap quickly: went on some beautiful hikes on Mount Rainer in Washington State (see below).

Josh and I have a long history of the self-portrait--some are better than others.
This is right before my hat blew off and on to the snowfield where we were too scared to go and get it. Look closely and you will see my son was less than thrilled. 

Before that I was in northern Minnesota doing the quintessential Minnesota cabin thing.

Before that I was in the little known Voyagers National Park boating with very good friends.
I miss my hat.

Saw a plethora of sisters (one of my sisters remained back home with the dog). Saw many favorite cousins (some of mine and some of my childrens'). All in real life, which for many of us is a rarity. All in all it was a perfect escape from virtuality to reality -- lots of stone, water and snow and family --  now I return to keyboards and screens and folks I am counting on to get me working again.

Help me!

Hello all! Really looking forward to face time at TPR. :)