Monday, September 26, 2011

Dancing Men in Bodysuits

I love the way the dance keeps becoming something unexpected. You think you know what is going to happen and then whoosh it changes direction. What is the novelesque equivalent?

 Thanks to OK-Go for wearing slightly risque outfits and being willing:

I am deeply into a revision of my first manuscript. I picked it up again after an 8 month break. The distance was necessary. I think it is a good revision. But the book started from big ideas and aspirations. It is a first book. I have worked at it for too long. I learned much about writing novels and characters and sustaining plots and subplots within its 50k words. I have axed characters, chapters, flashbacks, and bus scenes - at least its weight in words. After all the book's sacrifice, all its willingness to bend to my whims and the whims of each crit partner, can I salvage its inner beauty, can I find an essence of truth that needs to be read?

I'm not sure.

I have to be willing to fail at this. I have to be willing to make a fool of myself. Be willing to be a laughingstock. Be willing to be dumb. Be willing to go slow. I may also have to be willing to give it all up.

Willingness is hard for me. I'm giving it a try.

(thanks to J for the video link many long months ago - finally ready to use it :))