Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wanna write?

This summer, I will be teaching a teen class at The Loft, Minneapolis' very own lovely literary center.

Scoot on over and check out my class description.

The class's not until August, but registration is already up and running. Who's not gonna wanna write in August?

I'm excited. Expect that you will hear about it again and again.

While you're over there at the Loft's website you should check out ALL the youth classes. People who teach writing to young people are mighty cool. There are many, many, many classes I would love to take. ...Alas, not a teen.

Also... Come join us in the studio. We write a lot.

Classes will be starting up on Wednesday, March 14th. The class is super fun and energizing. Students always leave wanting more. I provide the prompts to plant the loose images of creation, your brain makes order out of the chaos. It's a magic process. We have been focusing on individual projects, but anyone can join, project or not, fiction or not. You may find a project you can't help but put to paper. Expect more specifics in March. In the meantime email me for more information: tina dot laurel at gmail dot com. Find out how you can try a class for free.