Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Little Background on the Move

The whole day today I spent moving around furniture, resettling now that my mom's stuff has arrived. It feels so nice here. So awesome to have couches in the living room, rugs on the floor, stuff stored in the around the edges, filling the echo-y corners. We are padded and swaddled. So do you know about my move? I moved in with my sister and her husband, they just had a new baby, named him Otto. He's so perfect! But also my mom is moving in. Did I tell you that? She's awesome. She had to retire early from a high-power job because she was having some memory issues. You know, tracking sort of stuff. And we don't know where this is headed and there is no time like the present, so here we are. My step-father thought he would join her in early retirement and here we are knee deep in messy joining family mode. We have been talking of this for a while. Early on, we went to see a couple other houses. A total tear down and a total build up. So when we came to look at this triplex, just to see how it might feel. We got about 7 feet in and felt doable. And after two hours of nosing through the place, Josh crunched the numbers (with the seller's realtor!) and the money made sense. Today it might just finally feel perfect.

But it has been a long time getting here. We left  neighborhood that we loved, a house that we were very comfortable in and moved away from our routines and patterns of travel. And although the house is grand, tall ceilings, large foyer, window seat and ghosts (maybe), it has been chopped up in such a way, that it desperately needs our care too. In order to be whole again. So our large extended and reasonably happy family has mashed ourselves and our junk into this Frankenstein of a house and we are trying to figure out how to live.

Here is a picture of the pods on the curb taken from our favorite spot in the entire house, the front porch. (Picture missing) Notice the pillar, 1 of 10.

We had an hour and a half to empty the first 3 so they could remove them to make room for these 4.

Also, Exercise Class this week! Wednesday from 7 - 9. I am really looking forward to the time to write.  I also unearthed writing exercises from grad school during my move. So excited to try them out!