Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Stump

People are regularly sniffing around our stump. Looking to the houses to see what was damaged, lingering and generally being amazed. So the well dressed man on the sidewalk caused no particular pause. We often make eye contact and let folks lament the loss of the tree, it's almost a public service to look brave and friendly in the eyes of the passerby. But this man, dark-rimmed glasses, smooth hair, well-fitting button-up, met our eyes and lamented the tree, remarked on the house damage, and announced, "This should be removed in the next week." He was from the park board and they were starting North and making their way this way, then he went to check in with Jean, our neighbor to the South, who is the reason I got to have this conversation at all. She is lovely and beloved in the neighborhood and beyond, hence personal messages from the park board.

I may actually miss the obstacle at the end of our shared driveway. I will remember fondly the slight swerve I need to take to make it safely to the street and the ogling and picture-taking and the phantom elm that has been watching over us but is getting ready to move on.

I spent too much time researching the house today, read about it at TPR. But that is why you are only getting this today and nothing more important.