Sunday, October 13, 2013

Decor Issues

I want to put the shag beneath the couch and the coffee table in front of the fireplace. I want to make the downstairs cosy, comfy, millennium central. Josh worries it will be odd, but what are we if not odd? I crave a change in the spaces, meshing livability with lovability, playing with textures and time periods to make all this beloved formality more approachable. I feel this move has torn the blindfold off and now we can't help but see what we survive on. We can't help but see our bones beneath the flesh, the things that hold us up, because so often moving has had us flopping about on the floor, boneless and ugly. We had a gratitude fest out on the curb. Thankful for garbage men and water bottles and each other. Nat was smiling and asking, Why do you keep bringing that up? Josh said, there is plenty to be stressed about, it's good to take note of what is going well. I'm grateful that my parents have all these rugs to share with us. Including a shag.