Monday, October 28, 2013

Keeping the Center Solid

This week there is another class in the porch. This time an exercise class. The porch worked well last week, if way too hot. But I can work with too hot. Email if interested.

Also in consideration, write-ins for the month of November, the month of NaNo. At least 3 of my folks are considering/committing to NaNo and it would be fun to support their venture. If you are interested, I could create some writing time here. Same-same, email if interested.

I, myself, have short stories banging on my head trying to get in. My NaNo challenge may be a new short story each week, completing four by the end of NaNo. I have images for three right now. But have yet to figure out the POV. It scares me to consider. But then everything scares me of late. I am never sure and always willing to change my mind, but sometimes I can see things, sometimes they are right in front of my eyes, making me blind to everyother thing in the universe and if they have the effect of loving my family more, if they have the effect of breaking a moment open and showing what it is full of, whether it is pain or joy, allowing me to be there with it and act as some kind of conduit for it. So be it.

Yes. I am crazy.

Please read this list from Brainpickings. I think it is so dead on (also accounts for my title).