Sunday, October 6, 2013

Life as we know it.

Cast party at the mansion last night. Crazy to have 30 some teens at your house? They are sweet teens. It was the end of the Freshman/Sophomore Musical. But too loud at 2 in the morning. Brave, parents said as they dropped the teens off. If not brave, at least naive. 20 people bigger than I thought the cast was. But we bought the house for this, if not this, something like it. They are eating pancakes on the dining room floor as I write this. And making noise.

We have the space, we might as well use it.

Josh's birthday is today, even though making pancakes for 20 teens is not the special thing that most people wish for on their day, there is something of a gift in it for him. To see the house working as he intended.

What should I tell you that you don't know? -The stump was removed. -It is complicated to mingle three households to one. -Things happen faster when you have this many people living together.

Think about how those people that live with us might feel - that life is going so fast, or perhaps it's hard to have roommates that are such permissive parents.