Sunday, November 3, 2013

Counting the Words/Drafting

I have a class later. A new one for kiddos. Based on my son's impetus - a NaNo class. This is important for me to do right, because my hope is that NaNo can translate into a writing life worth living. But I have to figure out when to hold forth and when to hold back. I want to talk about motivation. Outward motivation and inward motivation. And I'd love to do it in a magic way, so they don't realize what they are discovering about themselves while they are discovering things about themselves. If they can come to see it like an epiphany, in the same way that your stories can give you that high as you discover things, then the class will be success. And by the end they will be ready to set a realistic goal for themselves. One they can keep and feel good about at the end of the month.

So far, the classes in the new porch have felt fabulous. And this begins a month of many, between the Sunday kid NaNo and the weekday adult Write-in. After such a hard transition into the mansion, it is so gratifying to have something come a little naturally, even as I push the boundaries of it. But perhaps that is because I am in a different spot. Perhaps the transformation has been me.

No. The porch is the fabulousness. And the people that come. Perhaps it is one and the same, all of us together. Bring it, November. (If you want to see my NaNo plans, click through here.)