Saturday, January 12, 2013

Improv and writing. A list.

1. Practice the first rule of storytelling. Pleasing a reader means pacing with their expectations and then leading them to what comes next naturally from within the circle of your story. This makes your reader feel as if they are experiencing something real. Which leads directly to # 2.

2. Experience and react to the moment. No greater activity leads us into creativity more than mindfulness. You've been hearing how good it is for you. You are looking to start a mindfulness practice anyway. Improv is one way to do it. Be attentive to your reader, your story, and your thoughts. Speaking of thoughts, see # 3.

3. Have you lost your sense of purpose? Wondering what's the point anyway? This class reminds you why you wanted to write in the first place. We write to transform our reader. We write to transform the world. We write to transform ourselves. But the dilemma in this is we find the best results when we write for no purpose at all. Learn to write close to your fears. The key is process - that the journey is a kind of arrival. It may transform you, it may transform the world, but we are not attached to either outcome, we're really here to practice # 1.

And if the first Esher-like three reasons weren't enough, there are still reasons #4 and #5.

4. Get to know your voice. You are bound to find it in this exercise class. People keep pointing it out to you, it's your job to hear it. Learn what you do well. It turns out your ordinary, everyday voice is pretty extraordinary.

5. Fun. Yes, writing is a blast!

Three Wednesdays, January 16th, 23rd, 30th, 7pm - 9pm: $45

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter/Spring Teen and Youth Offerings in my Studio

Teen Bootcamp at the Loft: March 16th. Click here to register.

Monday Teen Writing Group 5 pm - 6:30. 12-14 year olds. (ongoing, space limited, interested writers can email Tina to apply) $90 per 6 sessions

Sunday Evening Writing Class: Youth 9 yo - 11 yo is from 4 pm - 5:30. Young Teen 12 yo - 14 yo is from 6:30 pm - 8. Kids are busy, so if this time seems tough and you are interested in classes for your kids, alternate time suggestions so very welcome!

Kids love this class. We take the page back! Playing and sharing and writing a lot. This is the antidote to rule-bound writing, the ideas flow and students are excited to put pen to paper.

February 3 - $15
March 3 - $15
May 5 - $15

Click through to my Buy Page and sign-up!